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  • Besides being super fun to play with, these cute Pajanimals plush toys are so soft and squishy.
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Jim Henson's Pajanimals Small 6" Plush Set Of 4

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And while we are on the subject of Snuggling and Sharing check out the new line of 15″ Pajanimals plush toys perfect to snuggle and share with your child.

Well, since Willow loves to snuggle, I thought the Pajanimal Plush Toys would be a great addition to her bedtime animal squad. Little did I realize she would love to have her new friends with her all the time.


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These cute plush toys make a wonderful bedtime companion or a great playtime addition to your toy collection. You can order the Pajanimals plush toys in the large or small versions from . I highly recommend these cute toys for your little snuggler.