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The pink lion is a candy sphinx named "Goliad" from the episode with the same name. She was created by Princess Bubblegum using PB's DNA to one day rule the Candy Kingdom.

ON the final night of The Pink Lion, you will be able to enjoy the greatest -as well as best forgotten- moments of British & Irish Lions Tours of yesteryear.


Pink Lion by decave on DeviantArt

The episode opens with the and Steven trekking through , littered with large sandstone columns which erect and dissipate at random. explains that the "power in the structure has turned aimless" and thus, was raising stand alone structures at random. Suddenly, a loud roar interrupts their conversation and the Gems run off to investigate, leaving an exhausted Steven behind. Shortly thereafter, a mystical pink lion with glowing eyes approaches Steven. Though initially startled, Steven quickly realizes the Lion means no harm and begins to pet and converse with it.