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Playstation Move Heroes (Motion Control)


Since the debut of the PlayStation Move last year, I have yet to play a Move title that impresses me. For those who own the PlayStation Move peripheral, does PlayStation Move Heroes justify your purchase? Let’s take a look in the HOTs and NOTs of PlayStation Move Heroes.

The absurdity of whether or not you can actually exploit fictional characters aside, Sony announced the release of a new exclusive title today, called Playstation Move Heroes. The new cross-over title brings together three of the Playstation brand’s biggest franchises – Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and – and stuffs the heroes, and Bentley, together to compete against each other in the “Inter-Universal Hero Games”. But there is actually a story that evolves from that featuring an alien duo who are threatening the galaxy, at which point the six have to band together as a team.


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PlayStation Move Heroes features only five main challenge types, and each mini-game comes in five variations based on different weapons at your disposal. To play the game, you wield the Move as your weapon and move your chosen hero through the 3D environments using a Navigation controller.