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  • The Red Plush Couch is a rare room furniture item in Club Penguin. It costs 500 coins each in the Furniture Catalog, and only members could buy it.
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  • Ash 2 pc Zella collection charcoal plush fabric upholstered sectional sofa with chaise.

Flannel Throw Blankets, Bed Blanket by Bedsure-100% Plush Microfiber(Warm/Cozy/Fluffy), Lightweight and Easy Care, Couch Blanket, Twin Full/Queen King(66"x90" Red Burgundy)

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This super awesome giant plush couch showed up in our hands in the shape of a giant kitty. That’s a huge couch and even bigger cat, by putting it in comparison with the woman in the photo. Unfortunately, the creator is this marvel is unknown and currently anonymous, but let’s assume that it’s the .

Some people would call this a fetish or a phobia, but deep down, I know my boyfriend just loves me—and his couch. He even bought a special brush for our romantic ritual. I told him I already had a hairbrush, but he said, “This one’s supposed to be the most effective for removing loose fur from the undercoat.” Isn’t that sweet? He went out of his way because he wants only the best for me, and also only the best for his brand new, custom-made plush couch.


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