• Otacon: It's Plush Mario, Snake.
  • Plushie depicting Mario hitting a drum with artwork from .
  • A plushie of Mario holding a bucket over his head based on .
  • A plushie of Mario with a  based on .

Little Buddy Toys Nintendo Official Super Mario Plush, 8"


This is a plush of Mario riding on YoshiFeatures include: •Imported from Japan•Cute and collectible•Perfect as a gift for all Super Mario fans•Limited availability•New and sealed inside retail packagingImported from...

With these Plush Mario Sound Bops peppering the course when we squint our eyes we can almost envision being in a real video game. Hit the plush Brick Block on the bottom and you get a coin sound from the game. Jump on the plush Goomba (or simply bop him on the head) and he makes the defeated Goomba sound… unless you bop him one too many and you get the “game over” noise.


Official Super Mario Plush Doll by Sanei