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Pokken Tournament - Wii U


I don’t think we’re getting a pokemon game for Wii U either. Because not too long after that image was released, we were told that this is barley even a game yet. It was really almost nothing, just an idea.

i do not believe nintendo will wait till 2015 to release zelda wii u. its been confirmed in development for a while now already. most of the games mentioned as predictions here have not been so why would we have those before zelda? games like smash bros and other projects that take up their time will also be finished really soon too, freeing up more hands for zelda and increasing the rate of development. my other issue is the gamecube virtual console prediction. with the release and relative success of wind waker hd, i can see nintendo doing that with most of their AAA gamecube titles which will limit the potential library of virtual console games coming from gamecube. they wont risk the hd sales by releasing a regular version alongside it on virtual console. those are my biggest issues with this article. but other than that i dont see why the others couldnt happen. i would much preferto see a full on 3d core pokemon game for wii u than some sort of spin off. would be crazy if pokemon Z were a wii u title. unikely, i know but it would be cool.


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