• Polly Pocket's friends conspire to stop her splashy ways. Watch to find out if they succeed!
  • Cooking chaos ensues when Polly Pocket™ and friends try granny's stinky garlic goulash recipe.
  • Fun site with all kinds of collectible Polly Pocket dolls and information, including a

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Elinor Shapiro is a veteran designer and marketer with decades of experience working on Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, Disney Princesses, Polly Pocket and other blockbuster lines. She sued Hasbro in April 2015, saying it came out with a line of clear...

Further, what does it mean that toys (esp. toys that attempt to represent some kind of human figure) are trending toward consumptive activities in the way they’re packaged and presented? In other words, my Polly Pocket lived in a little apartment. She could have friends over and play house, go to work, hang out with her cat. Today’s Polly Pocket can change her clothes, ride on her luxury jet and go on a cruise. There’s something about her (not just her, but many toys) that celebrates consumption in a way that I’m pretty sure isn’t healthy.


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is an electronic game which can be played on a Game Boy or over the Internet and depicts a toy line of plastic and doll accessories for girls. The name originates with the first Polly Pocket toys which came in pocket-size cases made by . Polly Pocket Games are available online, where one can also find Polly Pocket games for the as well as numerous other Polly Pocket related activities and products.