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  • These polyhedral dice are crafted from black architectural-grade soapstone, which gives them a dark charcoal...
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35 Polyhedral Dice | Random Colors | 5 Complete Sets


Putting aside cases of intentional cheating, did you know that dice—particularly polyhedral dice like d20 or d8—are almost universally unbalanced? Some are more balanced than others, but as you would expect from mass-produced objects, small flaws in manufacturing and materials nearly always push each individual die either above or below the expected average roll.

A polyhedral die, for the uninitiated, is any die which has more than the standard six faces. These special dice, uncommon in your average board or card game, are used in many elaborate table-top role playing games such as the incredibly popular Dungeons and Dragons. Polyhedral dice are easy to get hold of, but some gamers prefer to add a special touch to their gameplay with customized, thematic dice. Australian company PolyHero Dice, which consists of two brothers with experience in 3D animation, graphic design, and RPGs, has gained a reputation for creating some of the most beloved designs in the community, with last year’s Warrior Set receiving over $92,000 in Kickstarter funds.


Polyhedral Dice, Set of 6 - ETA hand2mind

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