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ALEX Toys Craft Color & Cuddle Pony Soft Toy


In 1984, (Later merged with Tomy to form ) released a line of My Little Pony toys, which were released in two types: Osharena Pony and Kawaii Pony . Only released in Japan, these are a more anthropomorphic take on the toyline and considered as the most rare of the "G1" collection due to how they were released.

Most ponies released in the U.S. were found in Western Europe as well. The majority of US domestic mail-order ponies never appeared overseas, although many countries had their own mail-order systems. Many of the excess ponies offered by mail order in the US were bagged, carded and sold overseas. Some of the ponies and playsets were given different names abroad; for example, the Big Brother Ponies were known as Adventure Boy Ponies in the UK. The second generation of My Little Pony toys were sold in Western Europe and the United States. Since the second generation was more popular in Western Europe, Hasbro continued to produce and sell them in Western Europe after 1998, when American production was discontinued.


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Everything for a Beautiful Wedding
It's the royal wedding day for the beautiful princess pony bride and the handsome groom. And there is no better place to have the pony wedding than this spectacular PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE set from MY LITTLE PONY toys. Girls can prepare their ponies for the big day with lots of wedding accessories, right down to the wedding rings. The PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE set also has plenty of play features including a swinging bench, staircase, balcony, spinning butterfly and a door that opens and closes.