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  • Follow these seven easy steps to potty train your child in just one weekend!
  • This mother-daughter duo found an adorable way to ease the frustration that is potty training.
  • This goes out to all parents in the midst of potty training struggles!

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When potty training begins, you want to make sure that your child has everything he needs to get started. Using an array of tools and resources will make all the difference in the potty training process.

Ethan has successfully potty trained. I admit, he was not really interested until about 30 months of age and I am pretty laid back about these things. However, by waiting until he was ready it has gone rather smoothly. We have had fewer and fewer accidents each week. There has been more of challenge with him over the past couple of months since introducing the idea with Audrey. The challenge has been teaching him to stand up to go potty and successfully aim. In my frustration for having very stinky bathrooms lately, in spite of more cleaning, I have complied the following list of tips that I hope any of you parents of boys out there find useful.


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Psychologists Azrin and Foxx developed a method to complete potty training in a day! Research suggests that their very specific approach is successful. While parents may choose not to implement the strategy as rigidly as described, utilizing the principles of this method can be a nice alternative to a child-led approach.