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The Praise Baby Collection: God of Wonders


I own all of the Praise Baby DVDs and CDs for my little one and was very excited that they came out with a new one. Well...the first couple of songs were different and the last song was different. But...in between, it was literally the exact same music and exact same pictures/action sequences as in another DVD. They copied and pasted...so sad. I really don't think it is right for a company that is selling Christian products to mislead customers/fans of their products in this way.

We only THOUGHT Baby Einstein videos were life-savers! The PRAISE BABY DVD'S ARE AWESOME!!!! My 6 month old daughter is GLUED the second she hears it come one...her eyes don't come off of it until its over. The Christian music is great for the parents too! Gives me something nice to listen to while cleaning the house or cooking dinner and keeps her occupied at the same time. GREAT! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


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Reuben is in LOVE with his Praise Baby DVD. On this particular day, I turned the DVD on and put Reuben in his papasan seat so I could eat lunch. When I came out of the kitchen, I noticed that Reuben was sitting straight up in his seat watching the show. He does the same thing when I'm holding him while watching the DVD. He is so excited, he simply cannot relax. Anyway, as any mother would do, I laid him back down in his papasan and turned on the video camera. Luckily, I was able to capture him doing it again :)