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My Princess Cadance cosplay was worn at Oni-con 2012. I've always wanted to be a Princess so this was definitely one of my favorite cosplays so far. My boyfriend also cosplayed Shining Armor yay!

Princess Cadance (fully named Princess Mi Amore Cadenza) and Shining Armor are Twilight Sparkle's older sister-in-law and brother, respectively, who both debuted in the season two finale "". Cadance, a kindhearted alicorn princess, is Princess Celestia's adopted niece and Twilight's childhood "foal-sitter" (); according to her backstory presented in , Cadance is a former pegasus who turned into an alicorn after reversing an evil sorceress's love-stealing spell. She marries the unicorn Shining Armor, who is the captain of Canterlot's royal guard and has a close relationship with his sister, for which he is nicknamed her "Big Brother Best Friend Forever" (B.B.B.F.F.). In the , Celestia appoints Shining Armor and Cadance to rule the Crystal Empire, an "ancient city" that Cadance protects using the power of love so that their subjects, the shimmering coated "crystal ponies", may magically project their feelings of hope and love across Equestria. In the season six premiere "The Crystalling", Cadance gives birth to an alicorn filly named Flurry Heart (voiced by ).


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Princess Cadance serves as one of the main characters in a Royal Pain being part of royalty. She has a marriage connection with Shining Armor. Cadance is seen being mean to Luna and is "highly cocky". She thinks perfection of herself and feels she is the main attraction. Cadance is annoying to certain ponies in the series including Luna. She is always perking up insults about her and always treating her badly. When Luna gets revenge on Cadance, she can be sly of getting things her own way. Cadance can be dramatic when it comes to being "fat".