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Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, Purple (Discontinued by manufacturer)


Perhaps instead of creating a whole new version that we deem “acceptable for boys to play with,” we should be breaking down the stereotypes that seem to persist in society. Currently, the box that the pink and purple Easy Bake Oven come in only shows girls playing with it as do advertisements for it. Why is this? Because only girls can like pink? Isn’t that what society teaches us? Yet it’s OK for girls to like blue and red, and it will be OK if girls want to play with the black, blue, and silver Easy Bake Oven. But it still won’t be OK for boys to play with the pink and purple version.

Pink is for girls; blue is for boys. We have this forced upon us literally since birth. If you have two otherwise identical shirts, one pink and one blue, just about everyone would say the pink shirt is for a girl and the blue shirt is for a boy. Now compare the two Easy Bake Ovens. One is pink and purple floral; one is black, blue, and silver. Just looking at them, most people would classify the first as for girls and the second as for boys. But surely they’re just colors, right? If that were the case, Gavin would have been satisfied with the pink and purple floral Easy Bake Oven. Instead, a whole other design was made for young boys who may want an Easy Bake Oven. No more embarrassment over playing with the Easy Bake Oven “for girls.” But why should this be embarrassing in the first place?


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