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Child to Cherish Polka Dot Piggy Bank, Purple


My youngest daughter is earning money toward a trip. Ever since she learned about the Oregon Trail, she has wanted to go visit some of its destinations in person. She is saving coins in a bright purple piggy bank. She usually earns only one or two coins per day, but each time she drops one into the slot she checks the overall level. Little by little the pile is growing. Little by little she is learning a valuable lesson: small, constant touches can add up to something great.

Savings on Farm Bucks, Guaranteed!
FarmVille 2 is about to introduce a new Piggy Bank named Purple Piggy Bank. You can buy this Piggy Bank from Cornelius, paying real Cash. Simillarly like othe Piggy Banks, you can get farm bucks from this Piggy Bank daily! Sounds Great?


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