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Pehr Designs HI Blanket

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The Classic Quilted Baby Blanket is the perfect way to learn how to make a quilt. This beginner sewing project will make a memorable gift for newborns and their mothers. For babies, there is nothing more comforting than a blanket, especially one that is handmade. New mothers can wrap their baby in this DIY baby quilt if they're crying or if they're dozing after meal time. It will be a keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime. Babies will be captivated by the colors, and it might even make a useful learning tool! Give this gender-neutral Classic Quilted Baby Blanket a try, and it will surely be rewarding. It is one of the best and every mother-to-be will greatly appreciate it.

Every baby needs a blanket, which makes baby blankets a popular gift for baby showers and birthdays. If you need a new idea for an easy baby quilt pattern for those occasions, try this Simple Quilted Baby Blanket. Simple quilt patterns like this are easy to make; so, you can make a quick homemade gift in no time. The awesome part about this free baby quilt pattern is that is gives you a reason to use a bunch of your leftover fabric. Use all different colors and patterns to create a fun quilt as unique as the kid you are giving it to.


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