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  • The version 2 gasket are matched with the 0.2mm internal shim (#SPR010-SH2), which are specially designed for Spec R Gear Diff.
  • AAG, which succeeds the legacy MK -7 arresting gear, uses a rotary hydroelectric system with an additional friction brake system.
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Daiwa TATULA-R100H Type R 6.3:1 Gear Ratio Medium/Light Action Reel, Black


VR is a very welcomed addition to this former mobile title and it will make a very welcomed addition to your personal Gear VR games library as well.

may not be as viscerally terrifying as another game appearing later on this list, but it remains one of the most psychologically troubling Gear VR games to date. Channeling the X-Files and Twin Peaks, Dark Days will task you with exploring creepy locales in order to untangle an occult mystery.


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All automatics use some sort of manual override of the transmission, with numbered positions in descending order marked below (or to the right) of "Drive", which will prevent the transmission shifting to a gear higher than the selected, but maintaining automatic operation between all lesser numbered gears. Such gates will appear as "P-R-N-D-3-2-1" for example. On some vehicles (mainly Japanese makes such as , and being good examples) these numbered positions are replaced by a single "L" (for "Low") position, which will hold the transmission in whatever lower ratio is required for climbing steep grades or for heavy acceleration.