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  • You love that your Razor Scooter embodies freedom and fun. But, how much fun are you having if your Razor Scooter battery dies?

12V 9AH for Razor e200 / e200s / e225 / e300 / e300s / e325 - 2 Pack - Mighty Max Battery brand product


Over time, even the highest quality of rechargeable batteries may suffer from eroded performance. If your device is unable to perform as well at it had originally, it may be time to replace the battery that powers it. With access to a new replacement Razor Scooter Battery, owners may be able to enjoy a device that will be able to provide the same level of performance they have come to expect.

All Razor Scooter Batteries sold by High-Tech Battery Solutions, Inc. are shipped fully charged and ready for immediate installation into your Razor Scooter.


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New low price! For the longest ride-time possible on your Razor E300, buy 12v 9Ah's and upgrade your Razor Scooter Batteries! 12 Volt 9Ah is a 20% Upgrade in capacity vs standard OEM..
For the less expensive 7Ah OEM match please go here:

(must reuse old wiring - see video click more info)