• The real Annabelle doll lives in a locked box at Warren’s Occult Museum at her Monroe home.
  • The Real Annabelle Doll is a Raggedy Anne Doll

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No. In the movie, husband John Form (Eric Laden) puts the doll in the trash before the couple moves, but his wife Mia later discovers it while unpacking one of the moving boxes. According to the real Annabelle doll story, the owners never tried to throw away the doll. Their home had never been broken into by satanic intruders who passed a demon into the doll, nor had the paranormal activity associated with the doll ever gotten bad enough that they wanted to throw the doll away prior to passing it along to researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren.

As stated in , strange activity involving the real Annabelle doll had been going on for about a year before paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren became involved in the case and eventually took the doll into their possession. Ed and Lorraine's meeting with the doll's owner, her roommate, and her roommate's fiancé is depicted at the beginning of both the and Annabelle.


The real Annabelle doll on the left; the movie version on the right.

The Annabelle movie is a spin-off/prequel to . It doesn't feature any of the human characters from The Conjuring. It instead focuses on the backstory of the doll that was in the possession of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring movie. This origin story includes a fictionalized explanation of how a demon became attached to the doll. It also reveals how the doll came to be named after a deceased young girl named Annabelle Higgins. Lorraine Warren is pictured below with the real Annabelle doll.