• Title: The Returned (2015– )
  • I then returned and picked up the pouch as if to look into it.
  • During his absence she thus repented, but no longer when he returned.
  • He had returned to his room in three strides, and was now under the bed.

The Returned

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Cuse: I think we're too early to say what the end is of The Returned. Bates is very clearly -- it's going to be five seasons; we're doing the third one, and there will be two more 10-episode seasons after that. We have a complete road map. I think it's too early on The Returned to say how long the show should last. But I think we have a really good game plan for how to expand the show in Season 2 and really -- again, Season 2 will be wholly original. There's no roadmap for Season 2. While the show did start in the same place as the French show, very quickly -- I mean, if you think about the life of a television show, if you're going to go in a direction six episodes in, that's a pretty short, connected marriage. That's how we view it. We'll be doing our own show and our own version of this. I think it's an endlessly fascinating idea to explore. You know, Jeremy Sisto is a guy who was on a show, Six Feet Under, that explored death in a really compelling way for a number of seasons. I think that's something we can effectively do on our show as well.

IGN: You talked about Bates Motel as inherently having a finite run. Do you see The Returned the same way? Do you have a specific number of seasons in mind?


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When people start using a practice or method that was used in the past, don't say that they 'return' the practice or method. Say that they bring it back or reintroduce it.