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  • Hetch Hetchy - Rock Climbing and sleeping on portaledge
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Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion


Hetch Hetchy - The Rap Version
Rock Climbing and sleeping on a ledge
Ever wonder what it is like to sleep on a ledge, high above the rocks inside of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir?
Watch this video and see!
This is one of California's most beautiful assets within Yosemite!

AShuttles I can not agree with you more. There are risks, but when you have a baby who is suffering with a condition such as GERD you do what works for the baby. We tried everything with my poor son and if it was not the Rock and Sleep he would have no relief. This is not poor parenting. Hearing your child choking in the middle of the night is much worse. We tried wedges and every method available. If My husband and I didn’t take turns with staying up all night who knows what might have happened. Since he has been sleeping in the sleeper he has been much better. No choking. This is not to say that he sleeps in it more than 7 hours at a time. He is also monitored by his ped and gastroenterologist. He still suffers but without the rock and sleep next to out bed he would have no sleep at all.


Fisher Price Deluxe Sleeper - My Little Sweetie