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  • Q: Is Rummikub pronounced Rummicube or Rummicub?
  • Rummikub é um  para dois a quatro jogadores. Também é comercializado com os nomes  e .

Rummikub -- The Original Rummy Tile Game


Yet, just the other day, Rocky, my wife, and Reina, my 9-year-old granddaughter, and I all happened to be playing Rummi-Kub, just at the moment of the invention of Reina’s Rule. Reina’s Rule? When you put tiles in a sequence, the sequence can be simultaneously incremental and decremental, as in 4-5-6-5-4. Reina’s Rule, upon further investigation, led to a certain welcome freedom and admittedly intriguing possibilities., This, in addition to Rocky’s Round the Corner Rule (the legality of 12-13-1-2), resulted in a game that wasn’t quite Rummi-Kub as the designer might have wished it to be, but was, nevertheless, exceedingly fun.

Recently, I learned a little more about myself, and a lot more about what my remaining years are for. Our Rummikub set at home is missing two pieces. It’s an old Rummikub set, and the Rummikub people are no longer making pieces in the particular colors we are missing. So, given the fact that we are in Israel, the very home of Rummikub, we went to a toy store and bought ourselves a new, bona fide, Israeli Rummikub set. Which, it turned out, was almost exactly like our old set, except it had all the pieces and some of the colors were different.


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The best thing about Rummikub are the ebbs and flows of game play. Whether you have 3 tiles or 23 (which is a LOT) in your hand the challenges remain the same. To get it all to fit properly out on the table. You can rearrange EVERYTHING to get it all to fit but good luck remembering where it all went. Totally addictive and great replay value.