• Samurai Mini Mech
  • The Golden Samurai mecha MOC built from the Izzo frame a few months ago.
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  • LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech (9448) - LEGO - Toys "R" Us

LEGO Ninjago 9448 Samurai Mech


Samurai X is on board the mighty Samurai Mech when she locates the Constrictai fang blade and closes in to claim it! Can scout Snike and warrior Bytar stop it with a catapult ambush or will the Samurai Mech's massive blade, shoulder cannon shooter and bladed grabbers overcome the Constrictai snakes? It's up to you to fight for the freedom of Ninjago!

The Samurai Mech was extremely durable; the Ninjas' elemental powers had no effect, and it charged through a grove of bamboo with ease. It was fast enough to keep up with the Power Drill above ground and strong enough to pick up and throw the smaller vehicle with one hand. It initially wielded an appropriately-sized sword, but abandoned it after the Power Drill knocked it down and the Ninja made their escape.


LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech (9448) - LEGO - Toys "R" Us

The back of the Samurai Mech is the least impressive part, especially with the blasters the way they are. But add a couple flames. . . now it looks more like the real thing! If the set had come with the flames in the back and dark gray round flat tiles (maybe they don’t exist yet in that color), so that you could switch it from flying to not-flying mode, I would really have liked that.