Schleich figures as wedding cake toppers.
  • Schleich Tyrannosaurus Figure
  • Add some variety to play time with the Schleich White-Tailed Fawn Figurine. Every single Schleich figure is hand-painted and craft
  • These Schleich Animal Figurines feature distinctive coloring and details. They have been painted by hand and crafted to create rea
  • This Therizinosaurus Schleich Figurine can help children develop their imaginations through creative play. It is hand painted with

Schleich White-Tailed Fawn Toy Figure


Watch imagination gallop off into a day of play with the cute Schleich Horse Figures! Perfect for horse loving children, Schleich Horse Figures are the hand painted, highly detailed, and true to life plastic figures that bring kids' favorite animals to life. Giddy up to play with Schleich Horse Figures!

My boys are totally into the superheroes phase at the moment, especially R (3) and Batman is a favourite. Schleich have come out with a new range of DC Comics figures, including a Batman vs Joker pack which makes a great addition to our superhero figures collection. What I love about these figures, is like all of the schleich figures or animals, they are so versatile and can easily be incorporated into so many different types of play. The boys will also happily play with the figures as a stand alone toy, but since they are smaller than some of our other super hero figures, the Schleich figures are perfect to include in sensory bins or small world set ups.


Schleich Action Figures: Animals, Knights, Dragons, Dinosaurs

Schleich is a producer of handpainted toy and accessories. The company is headquartered in . The traditional market for Schleich products is , with half their sales in Germany. However, their toys are sold worldwide and are now becoming quite popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and North America, where the Schleich figures are available from , , , , and also in the prestigious toy shop on .