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  • The Big Scuttlebug is the rare colossal version of the , being many times normal size.
  • QuickSmart Scuttle Bug - Bumble Bee
  • Scuttle about on the amazing Scuttlebug tricycle!

Schylling Scuttlebug Lady Bug Ride On


Scuttlebugs reappear in , hanging down from webs in World 4-1. They will repeatedly move up and down, and can prove to be useful in giving some extra height by jumping off of them. They also appeared in in World 8-4, where they will ceaselessly drop down from the top of the stage in pairs of two. They detach from their webs almost immediately, and will drop onto the ground and give chase.

They first appeared in and later in its remake . They act the same as ; when in range they charge at , and punching and stepping on their heads defeats them. They live in and outside . The only difference between Goombas is that they give three Coins instead of just one. In the remake, Scuttlebugs were changed drastically and given their current appearance.


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The next thing I noticed was that, just as the product description stated, the Scuttle Bug unfolded easily and without any danger to my hands. My two-year-old is probably not yet ready to unfold it himself, but it’s quite obvious that there are no sharp edges or collapsible parts that would allow him to get his fingers or hands stuck — at the worst, he’d simply be unable to open or close it, and he lacks the strength to really clamp down on his digits.