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Chantilly Lane 12" Pete and Tweet Duet Sings "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"


Anniversary Bear Singing Love Teddy Bear "Sweetie" Singing "You're Still The One". Musical teddy bear 19" Sweetie bear has a white sweatshirt and a big purple satin bow. Head sways and mouth moves while singing, "You're Still the One". This love bear "Honey" singing bear is a great valentines day gift.

Daughter Musical Bear Baby Bear Collector's Bear "Sadie" Singing "I Love You Mommy" . Musical bear 16" Sadie Bear with pink hat and two strands of pearls. Mouth moves while singing, “I Love You Mommy”. This is a great singing bear for mother's day gift


Get Well Singing Teddy Bears-Very Talented Teddy Bear

Touch the heart of your favorite nurse or nursing studentwith the Nurse Scrubs Singing Bear! Squeeze the lefthand and the bear sings "I'll be There" but there's more!This is a true animatronics creation that moves it'supper body, head, and mouth as it sings. A fun andlovable bear for anyone, but especially for nurses whowork with children. The children love it!

Quality plush bear is 19" tall. Dressed in adorable pinkscrubs, accessories include a stethoscope, hair ribbon,and ID badge that is also a gift card. If you're sendingdirectly to your recipient, let us know and we'll beglad to personalize the tag for you. Bear has a flat bottom that makes it perfect for sitting on a shelf orother flat surface.

The Scrubs Bear is a member of the very popularChantilly Lane collection of singing bears that havewarmed the hearts of adults and children for years. Buy yours for a favorite nurse now, and they'll cherishit for a lifetime!