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  • Skeletron has additional attack phases available in :
  • Clothier - Sell clothes, for social slot. To spawn him, you need to kill skeletron boss.

Zoofy International Terraria Deluxe Skeletron Boss Figure


Although series follows the continuity of the Filmation cartoon, Skeletor is quite a different character. He possesses a sarcastic sense of humor and often jokes and laughs, taking his own failures much better than in the previous series. He has a genuine relationship with Crita, a female mutant with purple skin. He even dances with her in one episode. He also works well with Flogg, Slush Head and the other Mutants as part of their team as well as having a pet named Gur. Though often displaying a more relaxed attitude, when enraged he simply becomes a maniac and lashes out in anger at anyone around him. He is able to instill fear into Flogg, despite being perfectly willing to take his orders when it suits his own purposes. Overall, the Skeletor in this series is portrayed as a far more competent and threatening character, despite his often comedic lines.

The first toys for the "New Adventures" line, which was Marketed simply as "He-Man", gave a different explanation for how He-Man and Skeletor ended up in the future via a mini-comic packed in with various figures, as well as actually providing a reason for the cybernetics Skeletor employed in the first few episodes of the "New Adventures" TV series. In this mini-comic, Skeletor also learned that He-Man and Prince Adam were the same being, only for Adam to become He-Man permanently. The energy output caused by this final change from prince to warrior was partly the reason for Skeletor's new cybernetic look when the character was forced to take drastic measures to treat wounds that would have otherwise been fatal without treatment.


Mes conseils pour tuer Skeletron:

The Pumpking is a Hardmode boss that spawns during the . It behaves very similarly to Skeletron. It has two lengthy arms, each with a large . These hands act much like Skeletron's hands, but they are indestructible.It is considered the final boss of the , and subsequent waves after its appearance increase the number of mobs. There can be a large number of Pumpkings attacking at once in the later stages (up to 6 active at the same time).