• Meet SmartSeat
  • The smart mesh seat is HOT! because:
  • So, without further adieu, let me introduce the Smart Seat (images provided by Graco)
  • GracoA Smart Seata All-in-One Car Seat a Jemma

Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat, Rosin


The Smart Seat features a five point safety harness, with included harness covers. The harness system is very easy to use. Simply fasten the chest clips, then insert both tongues into the buckle. No puzzle buckle to deal with. The chest clip even includes a graphic that shows correct chest clip placement (at the level of the armpits).

Let’s start by looking at the seat itself. The Smart Seat comes with an infant body support to ensure a perfectly safe fit for your baby. The infant support must be used if baby’s shoulders are below the lowest harness setting, and must only be used in rear-facing mode. You should discontinue use of the body support once your child reaches 20 pounds.


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Comparison photos showing both the Smart Seat and the installed in the rear-facing position. The captain’s chair and the front driver’s seat were not moved so it should be a true comparison of how much space both seats take up in the same seating position. Both seats were installed with the recline angle indicator showing a proper recline. The MyRide was indicating a more slightly upright install but the ball in the indicator was still in the correct angle range.