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Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo 3DS


The stages in Super Smash Bros 3DS are varied and each carry their own unique art style. From the 2D Paper Mario universe to 3D world of Star Fox’ Cornaria, each level is beautifully polished and provide a uniquely interesting(and sometime infuriating) experience. And speaking of infuriating, like the Paper Mario stage, some levels have handfuls of annoying gimmicks where the stage will morph into an entirely new stage after a certain amount of time has past. Or other game elements, like a giant fan, will spawn to add a hint of randomness to the fight. This is a problem in a game as competitive as Super Smash Bros.. Though most competitive players will steer clear of those stages when possible and stick with stages like Final Destination when playing Smash mode. Again, this isn’t a huge deal because there aren’t too many stages that implement these features. But that doesn’t mean we can’t groan when we have to play them. And speaking of randomness, at least they got rid of tripping! Seriously, who thought that was a good idea in the first place?

Nintendo UK announced today that it will be hosting a special Super Smash Bros 3DS tournament to celebrate the launch of the game on Nintendo 3DS. British fans of the franchise will be able to register for the National UK Championship starting with October 3rd (the scheduled release date for the game), until October 8.


Super Smash Bros. Gmod 3 (Part 1) (Fan Movie) - YouTube

Nintendo of America has the long-awaited game for the Nintendo 3DS as coming soon. Super Smash Bros 3DS was listed alongside games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as coming soon to the platform. The games that were listed have all been previously confirmed for this year, minus Super Smash Bros 3DS. Do you think we may see Super Smash Bros 3DS released this year?