• Levenhuk Solar System Poster
  • For summer fun or a classroom project, make a Solar System Poster.
  • DIY Solar System Poster by Kathleen George.
  • For summer fun or a classroom project, make a Solar System Poster.

Aquarius Smithsonian Our Solar System Poster, 24 by 36-Inch

Too low to display

This solar system poster was the first commercial poster I made. In my grade 6 science classes I had the students make basically this same poster every year for their end of the year class project. When the school cut the science classes from 3 a week to 2, I needed to come up with something to enable the students to still be able to make the poster. So I put this poster together over a few months so the students could basically use it as a template for their own group posters. As well the science text book my school uses is not the most up-to-date. I used to bring in loads of other pictures I got off the internet to help the kids figure out how to draw the rings of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune for their solar system poster. The science text book lacked any information on the Kuiper Belt as well, so I had to add that too. I also felt it was important to show the scale of the planets to each other, but also to the Sun. The first time I showed the poster to a group of students I was quite surprised at their reaction to the size of the Sun compared to the Earth. I guess they had always known the Sun was much bigger but just seeing it displayed like that gave them a whole new perception of it. At first I had the school attach the poster up on a wall. The kids asked me to move it down though so they could look at it better. We found a good place for it under my whiteboard. Since it is laminated I didn't need to worry about the kids destroying it either. I still have the very first one I printed under my white board. Even after years of looking at the same solar system poster I still can find students sitting down on the floor looking over at it on break times. (It was this fact that encouraged me to finally make the topographic world map.) The students in my class still really enjoy staring at the solar system poster and I hope you will too.

Infographics are always fun. Inspired by cheesy solar system posters seen in junior high (and universities, actually...) This is an unfinished infographic experiment as you can tell by the lack of ending and occasional glitches. I have story boarded more scenes and will try to animate them as soon as I'm not so busy...so critiques more than welcome. (Always welcome!)


FREE Solar System Poster From NASA - WeAreTeachers

Be sure to keep this one handy. If you don’t make a Solar System Poster this summer, I’m sure there will come a day when your child says “Mom, I have to make a Solar System for school . . .”