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Sony NTM-910YLW Baby Call 900MHz Nursery Rechargeable Monitor with Transmitter, 5 Sound-Sensor Activity Lights, and Voice Activation Mode, White (Certified Refurbished)


The has received many positive professional reviews. As with most Sony products, this monitor is built well and built to last. With , interference is at a minimum. The sound quality is clear and extra sensitive. With 2 sound modes, you will never miss your baby’s tiniest peep. There is the regular mode and the voice-activated mode, which blocks out all background noise for clearer transmission. The long lasting rechargeable batteries and AC adapters allow for flexibility. The also have to alert you when the baby is making noise. This is useful when the batteries are low or the unit is out of range (beeps to alert when unit is out of range). The of the Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor are:

529 of 533 people found the following review helpful. This was the third monitor I bought for our second child. Don't waste your time trying the least expensive ones like I did, this one is worth the money. I have the Super Clear Double Receiver by Safety 1st in my 2 year old's room, which works perfect. I needed a second one for my newborn. I tried another Safety 1st, and even with 2 channels, I could only pick up sound from one room. Then I returned it for a Sound N Lights monitor by Fisher-Price. Bigger mistake, we couldn't hear any room, only major static. Finally we tried this one and love it!!! It is so quiet, except, of course, when your baby makes noise. I can't believe how many channel options it has, and other features too, like an alarm when you are almost out of range. Also, a rechargable battery, that charges when plugged in, so you don't have to waste your own batteries when wanting to use it outside. Go for the Gold, this Sony is the best yet.
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The Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor gives you sound sleep even while your baby is sleeping far away. The Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery receiver which will not empty your pocket every time the battery drains out and a low battery indicator which gives you the hint when to charge your battery. The 5 Sound-Sensor activity lights will let you know about your baby's actions in the other room. You can work in the kitchen at peace while using the Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor as it will not get affected by water splashes. The system uses 900MHz technology to provide an extended wireless range. It offers 27 selectable transmission channels, allowing you to find the best channel for clear communication with minimal interference. A voice activation mode eliminates background noise to provide clear vocal transmission.