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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars The Force Awakens Play Set


A Star Wars Disney Infinity Edition would have to change a few things up too. Space battles are a big part of Star Wars, so space and vehicles will have to be a bigger part of Disney Infinity as well. Imagine a Death Star trench run, where in Toy Box mode you can place obstacles and turrets. Or flying a snowspeeder against your friend who’s driving an AT-AT. I’m excited just thinking about it. Also, the skill tree would have to change things up a bit -- it would have to be Force-oriented for characters that use the Force, while Han Solo and others would get Skills that are more akin to their style and strengths. Force Pushes, Force Jumps, and Han Solo’s special attack can be call “Han Shot First.” Meanwhile, characters like Boba Fett and R2-D2 would still keep some of the flying mechanics introduced with characters like Iron Man and Thor.

The slow but steady integration of Star Wars into the world of Disney continues. Television was first with Star Wars Rebels, movies are on the way like The Force Awakens, theme parks will be later and video games are next. The first new Star Wars console game is an integration into Disney’s already popular Disney Infinity series, which was announced earlier this month. Now several new images from the prequel themed playset, Twilight of the Republic, have been revealed along with new images of the figures. Check out all the new Star Wars Disney Infinity images below.


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