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SwimWays Star Wars Death Star Light-up Beach Ball


Your Stormtrooper getup works great for conventions with A/C, but what do you do in the dead of summer? That plastic doesn't breathe. Luckily, Jakks Pacific is releasing a large line of Star Wars inflatables.

This Star Wars YODA Inflatable has energy-efficient LEDS and is easy to set up. It includes Yoda, 4 stakes, and 2 tethers. Everyone in your neighborhood will love this 42″ tall Jedi master.


Star Wars Inflatable Drink Server

There’s no surer sign that Summer is just around the corner than the stores filling up with beach and water toys. And what better way to have fun in the sun (or suns, depending on where you live) than with a collection of Star Wars inflatable toys? These come courtesy of Jakks Pacific and include everything from the Millennium Falcon, to an X-Wing, to Anakin’s and Obi-Wan’s starfighters from the prequels. (Not pictured.) And as asks, why has it taken 31 years to get an inflatable Death Star beach ball?