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Star Wars Mini Light Up Lightsaber Mystery Pack "Contains 1 Random Color Lightsaber Per Pack"

Too low to display

Sadly you’re not a Jedi, and unless you are in the habit of going to the Rat and Ferret wearing a cloak/brown dressing gown, full-on lightsabers are rather conspicuous. Enter, with a pretend ‘pshwooohhh’ the Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain Torch.

We’ve shown you the and numerous other great keychains. Keychains are always fun, especially when they represent something or do something cool. The Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain is both those things with its working LED light and cool Star Wars Lightsaber look. This LED keychain comes with either a red, blue or green LED light to represent Yoda, Luke and Darth Vader.


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