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Hasbro Operation Game Star Wars Edition by Hasbro

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I bet most of us remember the Operation game. You have a tiny pair of tweezers and the goal is to remove objects from the patient without touching the sides. It takes a delicate hand and if you do hit the side of the opening, a buzzer will sound. Now you can relive this classic game and have a Star Wars spin on it with the Star Wars Operation game.

Hasbro is re-issuing the game, this time in the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars Operation: R2-D2 Edition, you play the same as before, but this time it is a Droid’s life in your hands.

Operation was one of my favorite games growing up, I would play it for hours on end until the batteries wore out and Star Wars is also one of my favorite movie series, so needless to say I was excited today to find out that Hasbro has team up with George Lucas to offer an Star Wars Operation game.


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