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Superhero Dress Up Costumes - 4 Satin Capes and 4 Felt Masks


Being a superhero this Halloween is bound to make things interesting and fun to you, to your friends and to your relatives. Among a list of famous superhero outfits that you will find here we have: Spider-man, Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Robin, Wolverine, Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor, Hulk, the Power Rangers and many more. From the latest movies you can find officially licensed Superhero Costumes for boys such as The Amazing Spider Man Movie 2 Boys Costume, or the new Superhero Outfits from the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Find Captain America Costumes and Falcon Costumes available in all boys' sizes.

Spiderman Boy Costume Deluxe - Superhero Costumes Spiderman Boy Costume Deluxe includes a blue and red muscle bodysuit with spiderweb detail and full over the head character hood. This is an officially licensed Marvel (TM) costume. This fun Superhero Costume for boys is available in sizes Small (4-6), Medium (7-10) and Large (12-14). Don't forget to add a pair of Spiderman gloves to hide your identity!


Get into some action this Halloween in a Superhero Costume

The Amazing Spiderman Boys Costume - Superhero Costumes Spider Man Boys Costume includes a dark blue and red jumpsuit with muscle torso , chest and arms. Features a spider web design and logo on chest. Also includes a character hooded mask with mesh eyes for visibility. This Superhero Costume for boys is available in child size Small (4-6), Medium (7-8) and Large (10-12).