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Flexible Flyer "World Of Fun" Swing Set


Checking, splitting and surfacing cracking are characteristics of all swingsets. This is caused by varying seasonal temperatures and moisture conditions. To minimize this checking and/or cracking, you may coat your swingset with a water repellent.

We welcome anyone to build our swingsets, even those with little do-it-yourself experience. Each swingset kit is pre-cut, ready for assembly and can be built with basic tools, so you don’t have to be Bob Vila to install our wood swingsets. Actually, parents often comment on how much pride they have building their swing set on their own. Don’t worry, if you have questions during assembly, our dedicated customer service team can answer your questions via phone or online chat.


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The Three Ring Adventure swingset is factory stained to provide a beautiful finish and long lasting protection. We recommend staining woos swingsets once a year to maintain its rich color and naturally resilient qualities. Prior to staining, clean all wooden components. Use a high quality water based stain or sealant such as Thompson’s Water Seal® . After staining or sealing, please allow 24 hours to dry before allowing children to start their adventure.