• You can play three ways with Tagamoto cars:
  • Collect other Tagamoto Road sets and build your own city.
  • What is in the Tagamoto Road Set
  • - Collect more Tagamoto sets to build your own city!

Tagamoto Enforcer Road Set


Code the road with the Tagamoto Road Set, from Innovation First, the creators of Hexbugs! Tagamoto motorized vehicles are designed to read and react to codes that you place on their road, with sounds, movement, and lights. Be amazed as your Tagamoto vehicle navigates the city all by itself!

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Tagamoto Enforcer Road Set - Toys"R"Us

Once set up was done the entertainment began and smiles were priceless. We received a car for each of our four children and Mr L was happy he choose the police car because it was faster than the rest. Which make’s playing cops and robbers a whole lot of fun. The cars turn and drive themselves through the track you set up. Even Little O (2) had a blast watching the car race through the neighborhood. We love the working headlights and sounds, they add a bit of extra excitement to the race. With a future race car driver in our home Tagamoto is the prefect toy to get his attention on a safe race track, until he is 16, I guess.