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But before you start imagining yourself holding a happy blob again, know that the Tamagotchi toy you remember has gotten a few updates. Most notably, the Tamagotchi pet is no longer a shapeless creature; instead, in Bandai's reboot, there will be several varieties of "" to choose from, .

Given these modern updates to one of the biggest toy trends of our lifetimes, the Tamagotchi Friends reboot seems intended to turn the lucrative Tamagotchi toy into just one piece of a larger multimedia franchise, , but with the expanded possibilities brought by today's latest technology.


The Tamagotchi, a portmanteau of ..

On the surface, the device looks like previous models, in hardware and especially its old-school grainy graphics, but the latest version infuses a lot of new tech. By tapping one Tamagotchi Friends toy with another, you can send virtual gifts or even text messages. Although the device isn't Wi-Fi enabled, it uses sensors to transfer data when the backs of the toys are bumped. Users can also send the character from one device to another Tamagotchi for a playdate, such as a picnic in the park.