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The Game of Things Board Game


Ooooh, sounds fun, Katie! Will have to check that one out. And I like that rule for The Game of Things. Plus, then the person who does the card gets to play. It almost reminds me of Balderdash, which is really fun – where you make up the definitions.

If you are looking for a good game night game, this is one to consider. I only know about it because several months ago a blog pal of mine (Angela from ) had a picture of some of her friends laughing and the caption said something like: “This is what happens when you play The Game of Things.”


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The Game of THINGS… is a party game that presents players with provocative topics and allows each player to say whatever comes to mind. Playground was responsible for redesigning their website. I was given the task of translating the look and feel established on the website into a mobile version of the game.