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Braun Forehead Thermometer

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Thermokinetix Systems, represented locally by Dynamic Instrumentation, has introduced what it describes as "an affordable, portable thermal imaging camera - the Thermonitor IR 150". Predictive maintenance personnel, especially in the electrical fraternity, are increasingly recognising the need to carry out annual or biannual infrared inspections on HT and LT switchgear as well as distribution boards and substations. The technology is effectively used in preventing accidents, fires and electricity wastage, as well as pinpointing hot spots in mechanical applications such as motors, gearboxes, transformers, steam traps and bearings.

iThermonitor is developed and manufactured by the Raiing Medical Company. Novo Brands has been appointed the sole distributor for Sub Saharan Africa and the Southern Indian Ocean Islands.


replacement adhesive patches pair with the feverfrida thermonitor to

TherMonitor PRO has all the functionality of our popular TherMonitor Standard package, but also adds the features of the patented PosiTrak Pak 3-point alignment system. The PosiTrak Pak allows for flawless image-based subtraction, averaging, and mosaic features utilizing PosiTrak's 3-point image warping capability.