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Little Things LARGE Disposable Baby Changing Pads, 25 Count, 100% Leak-Proof Sanitary Changing Table Covers, 18 x 26.75 in

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How you react to it is your business. The idea it shouldn't be there because it makes you feel bad *IS* selfish. Because it is also accurate. It isn't judging you, anywhere. Yes, it judges 'experts' who decide that fitting in with cultural norms is more important than fulfilling biological needs - but you? No. It never judged you. You added the judgement yourself. The guilt you are feeling is you. Children who are formula fed have lower IQs. That isn't going to change because you don't like it. Children forced out of emotional support before they are ready suffer socially and emotionally. Not liking it doesn't change that. Babies who sleep in another room are more likely to die from SIDs. Not liking that doesn't change it. Babies are designed for breastfeeding and to be close to caring, responsive adults. Not wanting to hear it doesn't change the truth of it. Your emotional reaction to this information is YOUR emotional reaction to it. We, as a society, should push for the best for our children. And yea, that includes having this discussion, it includes sharing this information. Being upset by experts doing their job is YOUR problem - and no, it's not a good thing. It's a really, really bad thing for our babies. That's how we end up with babies being raised on condenced milk and swaddled under 12 layers. If we want the best for babies then this *needs* to be said - even if it hurt your delicate mummy feels.

I’m very glad to see more conversation about the family bed and no cribs! (Or at least use the crib in the “sidecar” fashion.) Having a crib is not only an unnecessary expense that takes up space, but is not the healthiest scenario for the baby. Most cultures do not leave newborns and young babies by themselves and I find it to be a very strange practice that at some point became the norm in this country. Plus, when the baby sleeps with you there’s no getting up at night to feed because the baby is lying right beside you! I like this list because it reinforces the fact that all your baby really needs is you!


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