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Paw Patrol Toddler Nap Mat, Blue


Greg Prazar, M.D., a developmental and behavioral pediatrician in Exeter, New Hampshire, notes another good reason to keep your toddler napping. "Naps are actually a learning opportunity," says Dr. Prazar. "When he takes a nap, your toddler gets some time alone to learn how to soothe or even entertain himself."

To make the most of toddler naps, Dr. Mindell recommends that your child settle down at the same time and in the same place each day; try not to let him sleep in the car or stroller, which could disrupt his nap schedule. And don't worry if your child's schedule is different from his friend's. "Your toddler may nap twice a day for an hour or take the occasional three-hour snooze," says Dr. Mindell. "It all depends on your child's individual needs."


toddler nap mat with pillow from Pottery Barn Kids

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