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Dragon Touch Y88X 7-Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet with Wi-Fi, Camera and Games HD Kids Edition Zoodles Pre-Installed Bundle With Pink Silicone Case


Toys”R”Us has been known to stock a tablet or two designed specifically for kids in the past, but today the company announces their first slate to receive the brand’s stamp of approval. Called the Tabeo, the new toddler tab doesn’t differ much from previous devices in the same category. The slate features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 chipset, 7-inch display with 800×480 resolution, 1GB RAM, and WiFi connectivity. Otherwise not too many bells and whistles are to be found.

Now, in the new digital age, the cloud and mobility have changed all that. Replacing CD-ROMs on the map are kid-tablets. I’m more than a bit amused how quickly this space is growing, but if you’ve ever seen a toddler with tablet you’ll see there’s magic. Pointing, swiping and touching are what tablets do best, and incidentally, so do toddlers.


They snatch it out of your hands