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NEW from Tonner Doll Company My Imagination Doll 18" Vinyl Doll with Red hair, Green Eyes


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The Tonner Doll Company is internationally renowned for award-winning fashion dolls and character figures™ that encourage the young—and the young-at-heart—to Believe in the Power of Play®. Inspired by a passion for fashion doll collecting, the company has manufactured fine fashion dolls and character figures™ designed and sculpted by Robert Tonner, from little girl and classic character dolls that recapture the magic of childhood memories, to fully articulated high fashion dolls with exquisite collections of costumes that depict the quintessential American style. Robert Tonner’s life-long interest in fashion dolls, top-level fashion designer experience, and designing and sculpting talents led to his creation of the Tonner Doll Company, one of the most successful and celebrated fashion doll manufacturers in the world.


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About Tonner Doll Company: Tonner Doll Company, founded by Robert Tonner in 1991, is an established collector doll enterprise based in New York. The company has earned an esteemed reputation for creating the highest quality and most detailed collectible doll and accessories. Tonner's products have been displayed in the Louvre complex and his immaculately proportioned creations have earned him the rights to bring: The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, Twilight, Avatar, Superman, Spider-Man, Gone With the Wind, and myriad other film, television and comic book characters to exquisite life worldwide.