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Assorted Plastic 2" Cat Figure Toys (12)


The most interesting aspect of this toy is that the cats' natural hunting and stalking instincts come into play. Their interest is not particularly in the "prey" (toys hidden inside the box), but in the thrill of the hunt. The floor soon became littered with toys flipped out of the box by one cat or another, and I was hard-pressed to keep retrieving them so the hunt could continue. This is a toy that cats will not grow tired of.

Welcome to the Stuffed Cats and Kittens section of This Place is a Zoo! On this page we have several types of cute and cuddly stuffed animal cats and plush toy kittens of different sizes, positions and colors. These plush animal cats make great gifts for any child or cat lover. We have plush toy cats that are sleeping, awake, sitting, lying, or just plain floppy. You will also find some smaller sized soft and cute plush toy kittens. Many of these adorable stuffed kittens are made with kohair fabric which is very silky soft and always makes a favorite gift of small children.


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