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Question by Cassiddii’: Do I have too many pets?
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scooter-dog-found running around the neighborhood with wire stuck in fur and when he put his head down it poked him(OUCH) he was a maggled mess
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For Christmas 2010 Scott gave me a Triops kit. I’m always fascinated by complex biological systems and in a way, this is my gay tropical fish phase without the fish. The kit was small and cute and meant for 7 year olds. I of course have a little money to spend so for fun, why not give these prehistoric precursors to horseshoe crabs a tank full of paradise? So off to the pet store we went. Two gallon glass tank was $7 bucks (yay discount rack!), fancy food was $4, sand $3, tank ornaments $5. We waited for a while, letting the dust settle from our holiday travels and a few days ago I set up the tank, filled the bottom with sand, placed the ornaments and filled the tank with distilled water. Then I followed the great instructions from the Smithsonian (which boxes up the kit) and opened the Triops eggs and put half of the container into the tank. It looks like someone emptied a tobacco pipe into a big goldfish bowl.


Triops longicaudatus eggs | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

You know you run out of eggs for your triops. Instead of buying more, hatch your triops eggs from the last generation so you will never ever run out of eggs again.