• Triops closeup, the nauplius eye showing
  • Why did the triops seem to "escape" when i flashes a 60w light on it?
  • Why did the triops eat the others instead of the water fleas?
  • Look closely and you will see our first triops hatchling. The castle is not included in the kit.

Grow Your Own Triops - A Living Dinosaur

Too low to display

They have a light green to silver carapce and red endopodits. . You can say, The more the Triops comes from North, the darker it is. The more it comes from South, the brighter it is. Nothern Triops are more greenish and speckled, southern ones aremore silver. Both of them have red legs.

is a living fossil; it has not changed in appearance since the Triassic period, 220 million years ago, and is therefore the oldest living animal species known . With its flattened shield that covers the head- and leg-bearing parts of the body, resembles a small horseshoe crab. The segmented abdomen bears two projections . All notostracans (tadpole shrimps) have 2 internal compound eyes plus the larval nauplius eye ( means 'three eyes'). In females, the 11th pair of legs is modified and carries the eggs .


Triop food is for feeding your Triops every other day.

Water fleas reproduce faster than Triops, which is why you might see a few in there one day and then dozens a day later, and then hundreds after that. Triops produce eggs that are laid of the bottom of the pool and then need to be dried out before they will hatch. Water fleas will produce babies that hatch right away and don’t need to be dried out (although they can produce those types of eggs also).