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Lee's Fire Belly Landing, Round w/Lid, Handle, Tray, Plant


Without proper upkeep, your turtle cage will create a smell that brings tears to your eyes. But then again.. won’t every pet. Turtles take upkeep in cleaning their cage and filtering their water in the tank. There are some factors to help lower maintenance on upkeep though.

Turtles are one of the oldest creatures on the planet. It is said they are the most related to dinosaurs still around today. Marine turtles easily live 100 years. Most of your smaller species will live up to 10 years pretty easily. This might be something to think about if your in this for the long haul or just the ‘cool phase’ of owning a pet turtle. The first year really seems to weed out those that are serious about keeping pet turtles and those that CANT HACK IT. If you can’t see yourself caring for your turtle cage in 4-5 years… than maybe re-think your decision here.


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This is a hardened plastic that is thick and durable. It holds its shape of a smaller pond and usually has a decorative waterfall involved. For a turtle cage, all you use is the hardened liner. Basically this liner is used like a fish aquarium except there is no glass and only hard plastic.