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  • Lindsay Gallagher, of Medford, will be featured on Animal Planet's new docuseries "Life at Vet U."
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Animal Crossing: City Folk - Nintendo Wii


A brand-new way to play with your favorite Animal Crossing characters. Use your compatible amiibo to bring this board game to life and make your villager the happiest in town!

Boston University has one Animal Care Program that shares the same IACUC Policies and Guidelines, Veterinary Oversight and Training Resources. We are separated on two campuses to better serve your animal research needs on BUMC Medical Campus and CRC Undergrad Campus.


boston university animal care program bu statement on animal research

Choctaw Hog: Bred in America, these hogs descend from Spanish stock, but also have a long association with the Choctaw tribe, who kept the hogs through forced migration. The hogs are on the smaller side (about 120 pounds), fast, and athletic. The Livestock Conservancy classifies the Choctaw as critically rare. Population estimates suggest just a few hundred animals.