• US 2 Northbound - Lane Closures on Division St
  • The eastern segment of US 2 traverses the northern  states.
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  • US 2 travels from Gilead to  near the . US 2 ends just west of the Canadian border at the termini of  and .

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The first inter-state numbering for the Roosevelt Highway was in , where the was established in 1922. followed the auto trail from Portland northwest to , where it continued to Burlington via . Many of the states along the route also assigned numbers to the highway; for instance, New York labeled their portion in 1924. The distributed its preliminary plan in 1925, in which a long section of the highway was labeled US 2, from west to . East of St. Ignace, instead of crossing to the like the Roosevelt Highway, the proposed Route 2 traveled north to the international border at . It reappeared at , following and then rejoining the auto trail between Burlington and Montpelier. US 2 and the Roosevelt Highway both connected Montpelier to , but the latter took a direct path along Route 18, while the former was assigned to to , where it proposed north to St. Johnsbury. There, where the Roosevelt Highway turned southeast to Portland, Route 2 continued east along to and to , then heading north on to end in .

By the time the U.S. Highway system was finalized in late 1926, one relatively minor change had been made to US 2; it was swapped with between Bangor and Houlton, Maine, placing US 2 along the entire portion of Route 15 east of St. Johnsbury. Several other major parts of the auto trail received numbers, most notably from Portland, Oregon east to , in eastern Washington, and in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. In the mid-1930s, much of New York's portion of the road became , and the part southeast of to Portland, Maine became ,[] but by far the longest piece was that followed by US 2 between St. Ignace and Bonners Ferry. In 1946, US 2 was extended west of its original western terminus in Bonners Ferry in Idaho to Everett in Washington via Spokane along what was then Alternate US 10.


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